5 restaurants in British Columbia you can’t miss

British Columbia is not only famous for its scenic beauty, weather, and activities; it is also a preferred place for having some of the best restaurants in Canada. If you are visiting British Columbia, the following are some of the restaurants that you cannot miss.

1. The Bearfoot Bistro, Whistler

This restaurant has the biggest wine cellar in British Columbia. An attractive feature of this restaurant is that the guests get to uncork a bottle of Champagne by slicing its neck with a dagger or sword. You will get great seafood and lot of interesting menus in this restaurant.

2. Oru, Vancouver

It is a wonderful restaurant located at the Fairmont Pacific Rim Hotel, Oru. It serves pan-Asian cuisine that is delicious. You will get seafood and various Japanese dishes including Miso soup and Sashimi. It’s an elegant place to dine with your family.

3. Longtail Kitchen, New Westminster

It is a great Thai food restaurant and is the perfect place to eat if you are looking for something economical. You will have a great time dining in this restaurant.

4. Pidgin, Vancouver

It offers wonderful Japanese cuisine. Some of the interesting dishes include octopus with baked potato, mushrooms with peas, duck with carrot cake puree, etc.

5. Hawksworth, Vancouver

This restaurant is known for its blend of various flavors that brings uniqueness to a dish. The service at this restaurant is outstanding. It is located at the Rosewood Hotel Georgia.

If you love to taste a variety of foods, then you must visit each of these restaurants. You will taste different foods and have a lovely time with your family and friends.