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Places to visit in British Columbia

British Columbia is one of the most promising provinces of Canada for entertaining tourists. It has everything from eye-catching mountains to wildlife parks you could visit with your family.

We’ll be equipping you with a list of places you must visit while you’re in B.C.

Capilano Suspension Bridge:

The bridge was built in 1889 by a civil engineer from Scotland named Grand Mackay. The 460-foot long bridge consisted of planks and hemp rope back then.

To date, the Capilano Suspension Bridge attracts a huge amount of visitors every day.

It’s believed to be among the most popular destinations in Vancouver.

There’s a Treetop Canopy Walk on the west of the bridge. 8 wooden bridges are connected together to form this walking path at a height of more than 100 feet.

All of these bridges are attached to the trees without using any nails or bolts. Instead, specially engineered steel collars are used to protect the trees.

VanDusen Garden’s Elizabethan Hedge Maze:

The Hedge Maze is a fine example of using plantation for a spectacular display of art. In the early days, it was believed by people of Northern Europe that these mazes might help in confusing evil spirits.

It is also believed by some historians that the maze displays difficult paths in life.

The maze contains over 3000 pyramids made out of cedars. All of these were planted in the autumn of 1981 and have grown into a maze overtime.

Digital Orca:

digital orcaDigital Orca is a sculpture of a killer whale designed by Douglas Coupland. It was designed by Douglas to be displayed at the Vancouver Convention Center Art Project 8 years ago and still stands tall.

He sculpted a whale to capture the true essence of Vancouver’s history as it’s a common species found on the Western Coast.

Like all of Coupland’s previous work, the Digital Orca also had a mix of both, technology and art.

The killer whale has been pixelized using a 3-D effect, hence, exciting the viewers by an unexpected sensation.

Even though the whale is sturdy enough to handle the corrosive effects of the coastal weather, climbing on the craggy beast is not allowed.

The Enchanted Forest:

The forest offers over 350 handmade figures of familiar living characters. Visitors, especially kids have a jolly time at this destination.

Kids can run around and exercise while learning at the same time. The 2km nature walk would give you a splendid view of the wildlife and plantation of the locality.

A self-guided rowboat tour is recommended.