In this blog, you will get links to some great sites that can help you find more information about Canadian restaurants, hotels, and properties.

Canadian Real Estate Magazine


It is a bi-monthly magazine that gives readers latest information about Canadian real estate to help them with their investment decisions. There are lots of informative articles on various topics related to the real estate industry. You will get information on property values, trends, investment strategies, etc.

Canadian Housing Price Charts


In this site, you will get information about Canadian properties’ prices, sales, and levels of inventory. The site is updated every day. You will find information about properties in different states in Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton, Toronto, Ottawa, and Montreal.

Restaurants Canada


This site provides information about Canada’s diverse restaurant and food industry.

We help build neighborhoods, drive tourism, and fuel Canada’s agri-food production. You will learn about food safety, information about nutrition, and other important things about food. You will also know about events and discounts on restaurants here.

Canadian Hotel Guide


When you visit a new place, staying at a bad hotel can make your vacation bitter. This site has comprehensive information about the hotels in Canada. You will find guest reviews, ratings, price comparisons and more to select the right hotel for your stay.

These sites are very informative and give you a detailed picture of the Canadian real estate, hotel, and restaurant industry. Visit these sites and know more about these industries before you visit Canada.